Saturday, March 21, 2009

Major Prize points up for GRABS!!!

Debut Contest ~ Weekend for Winning!!

Do you have your eye on the prize?? The girls of Lollipopz are getting wild this weekend and quadrupling the points on clothing bids!! Any bid placed on debut clothing listings will receive 4 points per bid this weekend!! The extra points are valid on bids placed Saturday, March 21st & Sunday, March 22nd on clothing listed for the debut contest, extra points are not available on accessories. So, get your bid in and rack up the points!!

Here's a link to view the listings:

Sunday, March 15, 2009

A debut too sweet to miss!

I am so super exicted about the Lollipopz debut launch starting TOMORROW! Yay! We are having a really cool contest with GREAT prizes. See above. And be sure to search eBay tomorrow for Lollipopz listings. See you there and good luck!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Caramelo goes nautical!

I am so proud to announce my first listing with Caramelo launch group. This month's launch is nautical themed and there are some fabulous auctions currently running. Be sure to search "Caramelo" on eBay to view these.

Mine is a two-piece twirl set made with and adorable Michael Miller nautical print. If you have a minute stop by and check it out!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

4 Years ago today....

My sweet baby boy was born. He was 8lbs and 1oz. We were stationed at Ft. Benning, GA at the time. The coolest thing is that he was born in the exact same delivery room his father was born in 31 years earlier. What a coincidence.

We celebrated today the birth of this extraordinary boy. There's so much I could say about my little Gavin. But the word sweet says it all. He truly, truly is. His little sister has been sick this week. And even though there was a party planned for him at daycare today he declined. He told me that he didn't want to go without his sister. So his party could wait.

We spent the day together, the three of us. His older brother was in school so he missed out on the fun. We had a cookie cake for breakfast at Gavin's request. Lunch at McDonald's because that's every four-year-old's favorite place to dine. Later he were supposed to have dinner at Applebee's, because after McD's that is his all time favorite. But he told me he would rather wait and do that this weekend when his Mimi is here so she can "join us". It's on my schedule for sure.

Perhaps the BEST part of the day was a call from daddy on Skype. He's in Iraq for those of you who don't know. Seeing the smile on his face makes EVERYTHING in life better. He was thrilled to see his "big boy" on his birthday. And Gavin shared with his daddy the gifts he chose at Wally World. A Black and Decker chain saw (toy version of course) and a drag racing set made by Hot Wheels. We were all happy to be part of his joy.

What a blessed day. Though having Joel home with us would have made it so much better, I could not have asked for more under the circumstances. The smiles were worth more than all the gold on this great earth.

Thank you all for letting me share.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Euro Fairytale!

I just listed a cute little dress tonight for VendeMia's Euro Fairytale launch. I love this one because it's reversible. I'm all about clothing that does double duty. They're always great to have on vacation or anytime! Morgan, my little girl modeled, this dress for me tonight and did NOT want to take it off. She loves the princess theme. She was especially fond of the castle and kept saying, "It's Morgan's castle, mommy!"

Be sure to search VendeMia for lots of great designs. The girls there are super talented and worth the search!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Getting to know me!

Here I am, in the wild world of blogging and thinking, "what do I say?" So, I guess since this is my first post I should tell you a little about me. If you've ever read my eBay About Me page you already know the basics. But for those you who haven't here it is:

My name is Jeni Graves. It's actually Jenifer. But those who know me know better than to call me that. It's not that it's a bad name. I have just never felt like a Jenifer, but more like a Jeni.

I am a mother. I have three incredible children who are the light of my life and inspire me to do what I do. Dakota (Kodi) is 14 and keeps me on my toes. He's brilliant and the biggest pain the rear there ever was. He was my first true love and will always be. Gavin, my three year old, is so incredibly smart and inquisitive. He amazes me each and every day. And then there's my little Princess, Morgan. She has the face of an angel and the fierocity of a lioness. She is also the namesake of my business.

I am a wife to an amazing man. He's a soldier and I couldn't be more proud of that. My husband, Joel is currently deployed to Iraq. He's been gone for a couple of months now. But it already feels like a lifetime. He's my best friend and that's hard to live without. But like all other military spouses, I have learned to be strong and take it one day at a time. No use dwelling on what can't be changed. Not that I would change one thing about him or what he does.

I'm a small town southern girl. Born and raised in Florida. But that's NOT where I claim the "southern" part of my roots. That comes from my parents and grandparents hailing from states like Alabama, Kentucky and Georgia. Growing up with them made it hard for me to settle too long in a place where you can't go in any restaurant and order sweet tea and grits without getting strange looks. So my darling husband has made it a point to keep me in the Southeastern region of this fine country. Thank you, Joel.

I am a business owner. But I don't really think of what I do as a business. It's a passion. I have had a love for designing children's clothing since the birth of my daughter. I was perfectly happy to dress my boys in little polos like Daddy wears. But her, she needed SO much more than that. She needed to be GIRLY! That sparked the creation of Little Sugar Britches, llc.

Little Sugar Britches started with simple personalized onesies and burp cloths. But I had to do MORE. I learned to make bows. You all don't see it often from me. But I actually really like doing it.....once in a while. Then came the sewing. And oh my! I never knew how much I would love doing it. My grandmother taught me the basics when I was a child. It's funny the things you retain in the old memory bank. The first time sitting down in front of a sewing machine after YEARS of doing none at all I was hooked. There's no stopping me now.

I should probably save some for later posts. In this blog you will really get to know the person behind the name, Little Sugar Britches. I only hope that I don't scare anyone off. I have been told that my "strong" personality can be easily misunderstood.

Oh, and by the way, I promise to post a pic of me soon. I'm just a little shy......well truth is, I just don't have one that I like much.

Thanks for stopping by!